How much NRIs in Singapore remit back to India?

Remitting money back to India has undergone a transformation since the introduction of GST in India from 1st July 2017. The older rates have been modified replacing all the indirect taxes incurred upon the citizens by both the central and state governments. India’s position in remittance Indians enjoy the remittances sent from Singapore as well […]


One question that could hold the key to improving your recruitment process

A job candidate can look great on paper and still not be the right fit for your organisation. So, when you’re looking for new personnel for your company, it’s essential that your interview process is spot on. One man who understands the importance of this issue is communications expert Richard Mullender. As a hostage negotiator, […]


How Office Automation Saves You Money

Technology is taking the office world by storm. Unlike the past, when speeding up processes entailed hiring more workers or upgrading infrastructure, companies today can gain efficiency and productivity by making simple, inexpensive changes. This can usually be done by upgrading old machines and investing in new software (which may even be FREE). To meet […]


Tips to Pick the Right Tax Management Agency

Are you planning to hire a tax management agency that can effortlessly manage your company’s legal tax issues? Well, one should keep numerous things while choosing the right service provider that ensures that you get hassle-free services. There are certain things that must never be ignored while picking the right tax return service provider like […]


Benefits of Hiring A Professional Tax Managing Agency

The current business whether small or large scale, demands a professional agency that can handle their tax returns. Many people are confused while they are planning to hire a service provider for their company. There are numerous benefits of hiring a professional IRS and tax management firm, which can also handle any legal proceedings related […]


What Makes A Good Storage Unit in Victoria ?

When you need a storage unit for your valuable memorabilia, household goods, furniture or merchandise for your business, you need to know that your items will be available whenever you need them, and in the same condition you stored them. So, how do you know whether or not a storage unit you are considering is […]


For handling changes better opt for change management online training

Every company sets aside a part of the money for yearly training classes. Changes always happens and cannot be avoided. Changes in business is an important factor in the growth period of the company. These training classes are organized by the company to adapt to the certain changes happening over time. We provide these Change […]

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Employee Sickness: Cost for Employers

A healthy workforce is a sign of success for a business as, the cost of pad sick leaves that employers have to bear do not look big if an individual case is observed but if accumulated it would turn out to be a significant cost that would result in low productivity and profitability. Have you […]


3 Ways to Increase Profits on Your e-Commerce Site

With the world going digital, the e-Commerce business has grown by 23% on a yearly basis. But there’s more to opening an online store than just displaying your products on a website. As an entrepreneur, you need to focus a chunk of your energy on marketing your business. Unless you have already established a large, […]