What Makes A Good Storage Unit in Victoria ?

When you need a storage unit for your valuable memorabilia, household goods, furniture or merchandise for your business, you need to know that your items will be available whenever you need them, and in the same condition you stored them. So, how do you know whether or not a storage unit you are considering is good for you? Here are some tips to help you get a good Victoria storage unit that matches your needs.


Some storage units provide 24-hour access, every day of the week, but others have limited access hours. If you are moving interstate for some months for work and you will not need to access your items for some time, you probably do not need the 24/7 access option. However, if you are using the Victoria storage unit to keep merchandise for your business, you might indeed want the around the clock access option. Assess your needs to determine if you should choose a storage unit that is accessible all the time, or one that offers limited access hours.


Your items will store better if you have adequate space to allow some space between the columns of moving boxes to allow air circulation. The required size of the unit should be determined by the amount and size of the items you are looking to store. You might prefer to rent a bigger space than you actually need, to make sure you do not have to have your items stacked too high and risk falls and breakages. So, before choosing a storage unit, estimate the cubic space required to store the items when you stack the moving boxes or furniture. But, you should remember that cost varies with size when it comes to storage units. So, do not rent a very big unit if you are storing just a few moving boxes, as this will increase the price. You do not want to pay for unused space.

Temperature Control

This is a major concern, especially if you live in an area with extreme temperature or when storing things that require refrigeration. Storage units with temperature control should be preferred if you are storing goods that might be destroyed by either very low or very high temperatures. It is also important to check that the unit you choose is sufficiently protected from flooding if you are in an area that experiences heavy rain.


This is a major concern when choosing a Victoria storage unit. You want to be sure that your valuables are safe at all times. You definitely want to check whether the storage facility changes locks and keys when renting out units to new clients so that previous clients cannot continue accessing the unit. Also, ensure that the facility has a fenced and secured perimeter, security cameras and security guards patrolling the premises to keep out intruders.

Choose a Victoria storage unit company with a good reputation and your valuables will be safe. A good storage company will also allow you access whenever you need it, have temperature control, security and units of the right size.