Where we source staff training for safety-critical environments

Employees are the backbone of any organisation; they perform tasks that ensure the organisation runs smoothly, help to increase performance, and reduce risks in the workplace, thus guaranteeing a safe working environment. The role of employees is especially important in engineering firms where safety and high performance output is critical for the survival of businesses operating in the industry. As a result, engineering firms should ensure that it hires the professional staff with the right skills to guarantee lower risks, high performance, and safety. In addition, these employees should be regularly receive professional training to ensure that their skills are up to date with the current business practices and regulations.

Importance of training staff

Training of employees helps to improve their skills, knowledge, experience, and capabilities, thus bringing about several benefits in an organisation. Below is a look at some of these benefits:

  1. Guaranteeing safety in the workplace

Employees who work in engineering organisations deal with equipment that can lead to fatal accidents if handled wrongly. These accidents are more likely to occur in situations where the staff does not have the necessary knowledge to operate the equipment. Training therefore helps to reduce the risks of these accidents occurring by providing the employees with the right knowledge and skills to do their jobs, thus making them more proficient and less likely to cause accidents.

  1. Improving performance and productivity

Another benefit of training staff is that it helps to improve performance and productivity in the workplace. Through training, the skills, performance, and capabilities of employees are improved, and thus they are able to perform more work at a faster rate with less supervision. Therefore, the quality and quantity of work in an organisation increase while the wastage of resources, time, and money decrease, leading to a higher productivity.

  1. Keeping up with the latest technology and trends

In addition to improving on the current skills, training also helps employees to acquire new skills that are being used in the industry they work in. These include professional skills to operate new technology and equipment, thus ensuring that an organisation is able to keep up with continuous changes in the technology being used. In addition, regular training helps to ensure that employees are up-to-date with the latest business trends and regulations; just like technology, business trends and industry regulations in the engineering-related industries change regularly, requiring continuous training to ensure that an organisation is not left behind.

  1. Increasing employee morale

Training of employees is very beneficial to an organisation. However, it is also very useful to the employees as it helps them to develop their careers. This increases the chances of promotion, which makes the employees satisfied. In addition, training of employees helps to make them feel adequate and efficient. Therefore, continually training your staff can help to make them feel valued, increasing employee morale in your organisation.

How do we train our employees?

As one of the leading engineering firms in the UK, we have many projects that deal with critical equipment that need to be handled correctly to guarantee safety. As a result, we hire the best engineering professionals to ensure that the risk of accidents occurring is mitigated when operating the equipment. However, just like any other sector nowadays, the equipment we use is constantly changing, bringing about the need for our employees to undergo additional training. To guarantee safety in the workplace, we also require all of our professional staff to undergo regular training, in compliance with industry regulations. However, since we do not have the capacity to competently train our staff in all areas, we outsource the training to firms that offer training and learning solutions (read about them here) for professional staff. Our training partner is Edif Group, a leading engineering consultancy firm that offers a wide range of services to engineering firms, including professional training of employees.

Learning solutions offered by Edif Group

Edif Group is one of the largest engineering training firms in the UK. The reason we trust their services is because they use several effective learning solutions, discussed in this pdf document that equip our employees with the latest skills. Below are some of these learning solutions:

  1. Instructor led courses

One of the best methods Edif Group uses to train our employees is the use of instructor led courses. The firm specialises in UK safety training, where they offer many UK safety courses to ensure that our staff are competent when dealing with critical equipment. Edif Group also offers professional development courses, which help our employees to gain valuable skills to progress their careers.

  1. E-learning

Another training solution offered to us by Edif is e-learning, where our employees are able to receive the necessary training from our offices or in the comfort of their homes. We are especially fond of this service because it offers us (and our staff) many benefits that include:

– 24/7 accessibility – with e-learning, our staff are able to receive training from Edif at any time of the day, thus allowing them to learn comfortably at their own pace.

– Cost effective – e-learning is one of the most cost-effective training solutions as it eliminates the need for expensive travels.

– Easy learning and assessment – e-learning makes it easy for the employees to learn, as they are able to access all the information they need. Assessment is also very easy as all the exams and tests are done online.

  1. Mobile learning

Mobile learning is another effective learning solution used by Edif Group in training employees. This solution allows our employees to learn using mobile devices, which further enhances the learning process; they can access the learning material from anywhere. It is also cost effective as the mobile devices used are very affordable.


Having employees with the necessary skills is very critical when dealing with engineering equipment. It also helps to ensure that the performance of the employees is high, which guarantees high productivity. Therefore, as one of the top engineering firms in the UK, we are committed to ensuring that all of our staff have the necessary skills, and that is why we hire Edif Group to provide high-quality professional training to our employees. This helps to make sure that they are all competent to operate the equipment we use. The training from Edif Group also helps to improve their performance, and at the same time, provide them with great career development opportunities.