The Real Reason American Business Professionals Like to Split Vacations in Two

Have you ever noticed that many business professionals on upper levels of the corporate ladder seem to get more vacations than the rest of us? Actually, that really isn’t true at all! Most business professionals understand the benefits of taking shorter vacations so they can take breaks throughout the year as opposed to taking one long vacation that seems to stretch on forever and a day. There are a few very good reasons why this makes good sense from both a personal and business perspective.

Psychologists Claim that Multiple Short Breaks Make Us Happier

In an article in the Travel section of the Telegraph published in the UK, psychologists fully believe that people are much happier if they can take their vacation time in “short bursts” rather than as one long extended holiday. This makes a lot of sense in that you are giving your mind and body periodic breaks from the stresses that are part and parcel of your busy lives at work and home. Long weekends seem to do the body a world of good, recharging the batteries so to speak, so that you are well rested and ready to go in overdrive again for the next few months. Then, the cycle starts over with another short break before going back at it.

Are Two Vacations Really Better than One?

If you were to ask any hobby hunter whether they would prefer two two-week vacations over one month long hiatus, most would agree that two are better than one. A growing number of business professionals are joining the ranks of hobby hunters and the real reason they like to split their vacations is because they often need to balance their much anticipated hunting trip in the late fall with a family vacation in the summer months. Not only does this give their bodies and minds breaks at six-month intervals, but they get the best of both worlds. In the summer they get quality time with the wife and kids by the shore and in the winter they get to snag that deer with their hunting buds.

Don’t Settle for Two When You Can Have More!

While you may only get 4 weeks paid vacation after years of being with a company and working your way up through the ranks, you will almost always get personal days and sick days which accumulate month by month. Many business professionals take a three or four day weekend somewhere in between their vacations for a rapid charge before heading into another busy season at the office.

As the psychologists claimed in the article referenced above, besides needing to take periodic breaks from a hectic lifestyle, we also get easily bored with lengthy vacations. Instead of breaking your vacation up midstream by doing a bit of work out of boredom, take shorter breaks more frequently. This way you actually get to enjoy your leisure time without messing it up with more stress and more work. As the old saying goes, it does a body good.