Online Security Threats Continue To Plague Individuals And Businesses

It’s true. There is a silent world war going on, and millions of people are feeling the pain and agony of this nasty war. With the ever growing use of mobile devices, cloud-based applications, social networks, and other intrusions, securing business and personal assets is a challenge. Businesses can experience an outside attack from a hacker at any time, and the destruction that attacks causes can be epic. Business employees may unknowingly open a network up to an attack by opening email-born viruses or accessing the wrong website.

This new world cyber war is filled with cyber-attacks. A cyber-attack is any form of offensive maneuver created by organizations or individuals. These attacks target computer networks, computer information systems, infrastructures, and personal computer devices. These online warlords use various malicious acts that originate from an unknown source. The result of these attacks destroy, alter, and steals computer information and in many cases destroy the devices.

To say cyber-attacks are sophisticated and dangerous is an understatement. The amount of time, revenue, and peace of mind that is compromised by these attacks is monumental. Cyber attacks and cyber-terrorism are the enemies of e-commerce businesses and the more than one billion websites that are active on the Internet.

Preventing these malicious attacks is not easy, but there are apps and countermeasures that can prevent a cyber attack from wreaking havoc on an online business. is one of the companies that provides enterprise security solutions for businesses and individuals. Wandera’s cloud gateway is one way to protect mobile devices from an attack. The Wandera app sits like a ghost between web traffic from the browser and mobile applications. The app analyzes mobile data usage in real time. And the Wandera app immediately detects threats and answers those threats with countermeasures. All of that work is done without the user’s knowledge.

Billions of mobile data inputs are collected through Wandera’s multi-level cloud architecture, and that data is analyzed by the company’s mobile intelligence engine. The Wandera mobile intelligence engine is just one weapon to stop the fear that develops from an unwanted attack.

The fear factor that results from these cyber-attacks causes more damage. A cyber-attack will create fear in groups, societies, and individuals. Cyber-attacks are the online version of a terrorist bombing. These nasty attacks are designed to instill fear and in many cases, impose demands or claims. No one knows when a cyber attack will occur, and that unknowing is the main ingredient in fear. Businesses, employees and private individuals must be prepared for these attacks beforehand so the fear goes away. There is confidence in knowing Wandera’s intelligence engine and other programs can keep the fear factor in check.

The sad news is, this world cyberwar isn’t going to go away anytime soon. The hackers are getting more sophisticated. New countermeasures are helping, but there will always be a hacker that wants to disrupt the system. War is a fact of life in this reality.