6 Must-Know Mandatory Signs


Signs and symbols are the most convenient way to ensure that an important message has been passed on to a large audience. On a speeding highway you cannot shout out instructions to individual drivers, but you can always signal them using standard symbols. Certain symbols are considered mandatory depending on the work that is being done or the rules that everyone must follow. Here we discuss some of the important ISO certified mandatory symbols and how we should follow them to keep us and our environment safe:

  • Wear a safety harness belt

It is one of the most common mandatory sign available in the market. These are mostly used in mining sites or road construction sites. It means that you must wear a harness belt while going down as there is a steep drop in height, and you need to be careful. These are mostly available in aluminium sheets, adhesive vinyl stickers, and hard plastic material out of which the aluminium sheets and hard plastic ones are widely used.

  • Fire safety

Another common mandatory sign you will find at cinema halls, public gatherings, malls, important venues and buildings. These ensure that no one is using the door unnecessarily. The symbol is available in aluminium plates, hard plastic and adhesive vinyl stickers – being the most common. You also get the option to customise it as per your requirements.

  • Tie your seat belts

Usually seen at car parking, traffic signals and other important pointers, one must follow them at all costs. These signs are made of aluminium sheets, hard plastics, but for cars, they are designed in plastic and transparent stickers. The price varies with respect to the sellers so you must do a comparative study before making the final purchase.

  • Switch off when not in use

You will find this sign in various institutions, public places, and schools. These symbols usually made of adhesive vinyl stickers come in colours of green and blue.

  • Hold handrail escalator

This is a mandatory safety sign seen at public places with escalators. This is a safety sign put up for the benefit of the public. The sign comes in the variety of hard plastic, aluminium sheets, and even polycarbonate.

  1. Wash your hand

You will see this mandatory sign outside cafeterias, in schools, etc. This symbol is put up to ensure public hygiene, especially at hospitals.


These are some of the commonly used mandatory signs. Apart from these, you have signs, for a gas mask, trap doors, defrosted food, safety foot wears, and protective goggles etc. Ensure that you follow the symbols properly not just to safeguard you, but everyone that surrounds you.