The Effects of Robotic Process Automation on the Labour Market

Robotic process automation (RPA) will significantly change the workplace culture in the coming years. In this article we would like to give you some examples on the effect of RPA on different business sectors. Robotic process automation by machine learning and software as a service solution (SaaS) definitely have the potential to effect many different […]

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Employee Sickness: Cost for Employers

A healthy workforce is a sign of success for a business as, the cost of pad sick leaves that employers have to bear do not look big if an individual case is observed but if accumulated it would turn out to be a significant cost that would result in low productivity and profitability. Have you […]


3 Ways to Increase Profits on Your e-Commerce Site

With the world going digital, the e-Commerce business has grown by 23% on a yearly basis. But there’s more to opening an online store than just displaying your products on a website. As an entrepreneur, you need to focus a chunk of your energy on marketing your business. Unless you have already established a large, […]


How to market an event to bring audience

  Marketing events are the best way to represent a business or a product. Through this, people get to know about the product directly through those people who are involved with it; they can be the makers of the product or attach to the business in any other way. There are many types of events, […]


How to Maintain Your Business’ Warehouses and Factories

According to  Statistics Canada, there about 3,833 goods-producing businesses as of 2016. If you are one of these 3,833, and are in the industry of processing raw materials, making goods or providing related services, then you know the struggle of operating and maintaining warehouses and factories. There’s a right way of doing everything. If you […]


How should you calculate Zakat?

One of the Pillars of Islam, Zakat refers to the giving of a proportion of your wealth to charitable causes. It’s viewed as a form of self-purification and worship and it’s also seen to encourage self-discipline, honesty and the freeing of oneself from the love of money, possessions and greed. If you’re keen to start […]


Tips to get business loans

Every business needs investment and capital initially to set up in the market. Getting loans are not that easy until you are able to prove your returns to the money lenders. If you are thinking of a start-up and planning to take a loan for investment initially, then the following factors should be considered while […]


Workplace Safety Trends for 2017

Workplace safety has become of paramount importance in recent times and rightly so. The safety of the work space impacts employee productivity and also affects their morale and job satisfaction. Government legislation, safety laws and codes are in place to ensure safe work spaces. Additionally, companies are increasingly monitored by regulatory bodies to keep US […]


Starting a Business

For many people today, starting a business is one of the most important things that they can do in their life. There are a lot of people who are excited about all of the changes that are taking place in their financial lives, and they want to use the extra resources to start a business. […]